Magnetic wire puller doubles as metal stud finder

July 2, 2021
Klein Tools says its new Magnetic Wire Puller makes the task of fishing wire and cable quick and easy.

Klein Tools has introduced its new Magnetic Wire Puller (Cat. No. 50611), designed to help professionals quickly and easily fish wire and cable behind walls or enclosed spaces. The company says the tool employs high-strength rare earth magnets to provide a strong hold for easy wire and cable pulling.

The Magnetic Wire Puller's 180° pivot handle with a comfort grip provides for easy control and maneuverability. The tool's magnetic handheld unit features easy-rolling, mar-resistant wheels, reducing marks left on finished walls.

The in-wall unit consists of strong rare earth magnets and a flexible stainless-steel leader with eyelet for attaching wires.

The Magnetic Wire Puller doubles as a metal stud finder, with marking notches on all four sides of its handheld unit. A hard plastic carrying case securely stores both tool units.

“Trying to pull cable and wire behind walls and other enclosed spaces can be frustrating and take up a large amount of time,” observes Amina Gibic, product manager at Klein Tools.

Gibic adds, “Klein Tools’ new Magnetic Wire Puller saves time and makes this task easier, using high strength rare earth magnets to fish wire behind walls and other tight spaces. A 180° pivot handle and easy rolling mar-resistant wheels provide control and maneuverability; and additionally this tool doubles as a metal stud finder with marketing notches on all four sides of the unit.”

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