PULR Triple Helipuller grips 3 cables at once; FTTH tools launch

May 31, 2023
PULR Technologies will be exhibiting its tools and adapters at the Fiber Connect 2023 conference from Aug. 20-23 in Orlando, FL.

Introduced this month by PULR Technologies Inc., the new Triple Helipuller is billed as a groundbreaking tool designed to pull 3 cables simultaneously, quickly and easily. With the new tool, each of the 3 cables sits firmly attached in the company's patented HelicalGrip adapter, which can sustain up to 30 pounds of pull force.

In a statement on the company's website, PULR Technologies founder and CEO Francois Menard thusly explained the rationale behind Triple Helipuller being positioned for enabling POL and Class 4 power applications:

"While the Triple Helipuller was originally designed and can pull up to three CAT 6 cables at the same time, we were drawn by a future where POL and Class 4 power serve to break the distance, speed and power limitations of PoE to unleash the full capabilities of Wi-Fi 7.

With XGS-PON sticks inside Wi-Fi 7 access points powered by Class 4 power, it is possible to break the distances, speed and power limitations of conventional twisted pair cabling. It is now possible to bypass all telecom closets centrally power with Class 4 electricity at the same time as feeding with XGS-PON, all Wi-Fi access points, redundantly, not from just one, but two locations thanks to ITU G.Sup51 PON Type B protection. 

Accordingly, installing optical fiber along with higher gauge cables capable of Class 4 power is a logical thing to do. We want to make it easy and fast to pull all this cabling to every Wi-Fi access point, whether in a 3/4 inch conduit or across a cable tray."

The company notes that, like all other Helipuller models, the Triple Helipuller comes with a #8-32 male brass threaded end, providing for versatility and hundreds of re-use cycles. With the tool's threaded end, it is then possible to attach either the supplied screw on the PULR Pull Tape Eye Adapter, or attach any of the main brands of US pulling sticks. Parts in the PULR Stick Kit are also #8-32 threaded. Variants are also available for M4, M5 and 1/4 for other brands of pulling sticks. The company noted that the versatility of the male threaded end also allows attachment of other devices that are #8-32 threaded such as a Magnepull head, enabling easy installations behind gypsum walls or ceilings. 

The Triple Helipuller has an MSRP of $29.99 USD and is in stock and ready for purchase at the MSRP price, from the https://PULR.Store or from distribution channels at a discount. 

PULR Technologies on May 20 announced that it will exhibit at both 1331 at the Fiber Connect 2023 conference from Aug. 20-23 in Orlando, Florida. There, the company will formally launch its Helipuller FTTH Series, which it said has been field trialled at scale in Canada since earlier in the spring. 

Value proposition and Helipuller technology update

Cable pulling adapter manufacturer PULR was founded in late 2021 and runs a vertically integrated manufacturing operation in Canada powered by hydro-electric renewable energy. The company's Helipuller, Puller and ReadyToPull products are made to support a more sustainable way to install cables, improving productivity while saving costs. 

As stated on the company's website, "By avoiding use of electrical tape for pulling cables, less installer time is wasted, and no tape is left over to trash after an install. Less time wasted with electrical tape translates to productivity gains and costs savings. Less tape or no tape at all, provides a path to increased sustainability. We strive to make tools that are cost effective, yet durable, re-usable and also adaptable, allowing single handed operation. All of our cable pulling adapters are proudly made in Canada. Our technologies are patent pending. If you have a particular cable pulling need that is not yet addressed by one of our products, please reach out by filling out our contact form."

In a conversation with Cabling Installation & Maintenance, PULR's Menard revealed: "We’re now sampling our newest Helipuller SC 4.8 mm which has been field tested at scale to all FOA schools and all FTTH operators. We’ve leased AV products and we’ve hit retail shelves with our AV series, including the HDMI Puller, the first tool designed to grip and pull HDMI cables. We have also released a Helipuller for data center LC duplex cross-connects."

Menard emphasized that that company has transitioned all of its products to a brass threaded #8-32 male end, for increased re-use cycles and compatibility with pulling sticks from manufacturers including Klein, LSDI, Jonard, Eagle, Greenlee and Eagle. Menard added, "We also make them available in M5 for Milwaukee, M4 for a cheaper Harbor Freight model, and ¼ for the almighty SuperRODs in the UK."

He remarked further, "We also had an ODM in China make #8-32 pulling sticks and we sell them as the ‘PULR Stick Kit’ for convenience. As stupid as it seems, no #8-32 cheap sticks were available out of China. We had to provoke their availability. Since our products are now on retail outlets, we were asked to supply sticks of our own. Done."

Menard also said that PULR has now improved the reliability of the products to be much more flexible and less prone to breakage. 

Significantly, Menard further revealed that, over the course of the past few months, PULR has color-coded its entire product line, where blue is for twisted pair; yellow is for 4.8 mm optical fiber; green is for 3 mm optical fiber; red is for audio-video; black is for electrical; and orange is for data center tools. 

Menard concluded:

"We’re faced with the challenges of getting the message out there. It's hard to change the minds of installers which have been successfully living with electrical tape to get their job done. For cases where cable break easily and we prevent install failures, we have an easy sales pitch. This includes FTTH pre-terminated 4.8 mm and 3 mm, HDMI, flat drops, etc.

However, for plain cable installations, the sales pitch is much more difficult, and we’re plowing on. Why a new tool vs. my roll of tape? It’s a natural reaction. We provide faster installs than it takes to roll tape and remove it. Sustainability gains ? Net zero scope 3? It's not yet there in the minds of installers. It will, however, be forced onto them soon enough. We prevent install failures, we improve productivity, make sustainability happen, and most of all, make tools that are affordable."

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