2.5-GHz tester guarantees support for Category 8 cabling certification

Psiber Data Systems’ WireXpert 4500 also achieves draft Level V accuracy.

The WireXpert 4500 from Psiber Data Systems, with a 2.5-GHz frequency range, guarantees Category 8 cabling certification.
The WireXpert 4500 from Psiber Data Systems, with a 2.5-GHz frequency range, guarantees Category 8 cabling certification.

Psiber Data Systems has introduced the WireXpert 4500, which has a 2.5-GHz (2,500-MHz) frequency range through which it “will fully support the proposed TIA Cat 8 standard,” as an in-the-field cabling certification tool, the company says.

“There will be a great deal of change in the network cabling industry over the coming months,” Psiber Data Systems said when announcing the tester’s availability. “Driven by new bandwidth-hungry applications and the increasing number of data centers hosting a large volume of critical data, new high-performance cabling systems are becoming necessary.”

As we have reported, both the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) are developing specifications for twisted-pair cabling systems to support 40-Gbit/sec Ethernet transmission—40GBase-T. The organizations are using slightly different nomenclature to describe their systems, with the TIA’s spec-under-development called Category 8 and the ISO/IEC developing Category 8.1/Class I and Category 8.2/Class II.

Psiber notes, “It is anticipated that major cabling systems and component vendors will announce new next-generation cabling technologies in the near future. In order to test all current and future (next-generation) systems, new higher-speed and more-accurate test equipment will be needed.”

The company says its WireXpert 4500 is exactly what is needed. “Equipped with the field accuracy of a precise laboratory measurement and a frequency range up to 2,500 MHz, the WireXpert 4500 offers more than sufficient bandwidth to handle all existing and future standards,” Psiber says. “Psiber Data already guarantees that the new WireXpert 4500 will fully support the proposed TIA Cat 8 standard.”

The tester also meets the draft IEC 61935-1 specification for Level V accuracy. “Accuracy is also important during acceptance tests in the field, since the measurements reported are an essential part of a guarantee of future cabling system performance,” Psiber says.

According to Psiber, a number of accessories and adapters are available for the WireXpert 4500, through which the tester “offers link and channel measurement modules configured for all common systems such as RJ45, GG45 and TERA interfaces.” Also available are link and channel adapters for testing M12 as well as x-coded M12 industrial applications, the company adds.

Users can also conduct Tier 1 fiber certification using the WireXpert 4500 along with optional test adapters for multimode and singlemode fiber, Psiber says. Plus, “New compact MPO fiber modules allow testing of MPO/MTP fiber links and components up to 12 fibers,” the company concludes.

The WireXpert 4500 is currently available and lists for US$8,800.

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