Joenathan Barnes named 2013 Cabling Icon

Dec. 20, 2013
The third time was the proverbial charm for Barnes, who also participated in the contest’s first two seasons.

Cabling Icon announced today that Joenathan Barnes has won the contest’s third season. Barnes bested the other competitors, including first runnerup David Mayhew and second runnerup John Crawford—each of whom also won cash awards as finalists in this year’s event.

As Cabling Icon, Barnes has won a $3,500 cash prize, the Golden Punchdown Award, and an embroidered Cabling Icon leather vest. Additionally, as winner, Barnes has earned a scholarship to a BICSI ITS Cabling Installation Program course, offered to him by BICSI.

“Joenathan is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie,” organizers said when announcing him as this year’s winner. “The third time’s a charm for Joenathan, who has been involved with the Cabling Icon contest since the first season. As the owner of MTM Media and Communications, he has proven that his experience in the industry makes him worthy of the title of Season 3 Cabling Icon.

“Throughout all four rounds” of the contest, Cabling Icon said, Mayhew and Crawford also “demonstrated determination, skill, professionalism and experience, and certainly gave Joenathan a run for his money.”

Joenathan Barnes’s video entries for each of the four rounds are shown here for your viewing.

Round 1: Give Us Your Best Shot

Round 2: UTP Termination Speed Trial

Round 3: Dropping Cable Down Wall

Round 4: Interview With Judges

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