Handheld industrial labeler is optimized for cabling contractors in the field

The PT-E100 is engineered for extreme simplicity and priced to outfit an entire cabling crew, says Brother Mobile Solutions.

At the 2013 BICSI Winter show in Tampa, FL, Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS) introduced the PT-E100 labeling system, a compact, handheld device designed specifically for cabling contractors in the field. As the newest member of the company’s P-touch Edge family of industrial handheld labeling systems, the PT-E100 was engineered for extreme simplicity and priced to outfit an entire cabling crew, says Brother.

Highlighting the system’s ease of use, application keys help contractors label cables by simply selecting the diameter of a cable or the precise width of a faceplate to create legible, long-lasting labels in just a few key strokes. By integrating smart layout features with intuitive navigation and simple display messaging, the PT-E100 allows contractors to create professional labels in the field without having to resort to a manual for detailed instructions.

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The PT-E100 employs Brother's HGe and TZe tapes that come in an easy-to-load, drop-in cartridge that contains all the necessary components to print a thermal-transfer laminated label. Utilizing a thermal transfer laminating process with smart sensing technology, the PT-E100 creates automatic imaging settings to print near perfect laminated labels, claims the company. The unit is guaranteed to produce UL recognized labels that withstand fading, abrasion, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and moisture, and is backed by a two-year, limited exchange warranty.

Additional key features of the PT-E100, according to Brother, include:

-- Prints more characters per label: New font sizing technology enables up to seven alpha-numeric, clearly formed and readable characters to be printed across 12mm wide cable wrap label. Ideal for conforming to the ANSI / EIA / TIA-606 identifier format.

-- Alpha and numeric serializing: Prints up to nine labels with a number or letter automatically incremented on each level.

-- Large LCD display.

-- Faster printing speed: New mechanism design is now compatible with HGe tape and can print labels up to two times faster than previous BMS models.

-- Multi-lingual user interface: Menus and navigation messages can be configured in 20 different languages, making the system user friendly for virtually everyone on the crew.

-- HGe and TZe Tapes: Compatible with both HGe and TZe varieties of P-Touch tapes that offer adhesive and color choices for any labeling application.

-- Prints laminated labels: Prints and laminates the label automatically, encapsulating the print between two protective layers to assure longevity.

-- Thermal transfer printing made simple: Uses an all-in-one, drop-in cartridge design that provides the highest print quality and makes replacing media essentially trouble free by virtually eliminating issues associated with wrinkled ink ribbons, alignment problems and poor print quality from incompatible media or wrong imaging settings.

“We strongly believe that labels are the thumbprint of professionalism and a critical element of properly documenting the job,” comments Ravi Panjwani, vice president of marketing and product management for Brother Mobile Solutions. “By developing an affordable, yet technologically advanced labeling system, we have armed the contractor with an easy-to-use tool for use by the entire crew that can label nearly anything on a job.”

Production units of the new labeler will begin shipping by late March of 2013. For additional information, visit www.edgelabeling.com.

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