Free app calculates loss budget

App for iPads/iPhones/iPods from the Fiber Optic Association is available for free at iTunes.

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The Fiber Optic Association recently released the second app for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch users - a free loss budget calculator called FOA LossCalc.

FOA LossCalc estimates the optical loss of a fiber-optic link, which the organization says will save time for the installer of a fiber-optic link who needs to know whether or not test results are reasonable, or make a pass/fail determination. The FOA points out the app can also help the designer of a link to determine if communications equipment will operate over the link.

The user chooses the type of link (singlemode or multimode) and specifies the length of the fiber as well as the numbers of connections and splices. The app then calculates the end-to-end loss of the link. The app has default specifications for singlemode and multimode links. The user may also create custom setups with specifications appropriate for any application.

You can download the app from iTunes here.

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