How to minimize LAN failures using IIM systems

New technical brief from Molex Premise Networks examines.

A recent technical brief from Molex Premise Networks contends that network failures attributed to cabling "are effectively management failings in the form of poor control and documentation practices that must be addressed."

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The white paper contends that "it is a widely accepted statistic that 70% of LAN failure is attributed to cabling. [However], this does not mean organizations are purchasing faulty systems; on the contrary, modern cabling is a stable system which seldom fails and is backed in most cases by comprehensive long-term 25-year warranties...With this in mind it is surprising that the average LAN fails 20 times a year, for an average of four hours, affecting 40% of network users."

The article discusses how network operators can leverage Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) tools to address this situation.

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