2RU high-efficiency DC power system doubles power to telecom applications including 4G/LTE, FTTX, DAS

The Flatpack S 2U is a two rack-unit high system that delivers 48V DC power to a variety of telecom infrastructure.

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Eltek, a specialist in high efficiency power systems for telecommunications and industrial applications, announced the availability of its Flatpack S 2U, a high-efficiency (HE) DC power system that is only 12” deep, but which can support telecom applications that require up to 200 Amps.

According to the company, the Flatpack S 2U is a two rack-unit high system that delivers 48V DC power to telecom infrastructure that may include: 4G/LTE, FTTX, distributed antenna systems (DAS), microwave broadband, cable broadband, telephony servers and switches and fiber-optics. The device is the second form factor in Eltek’s Flatpack S product family, joining a 1U-high, 100A system.

Built as a plug-and-play system, the Flatpack S 2U is designed to reduce installation time while enabling cost-effective deployment. The company says the compact size of the new system makes it perfect for use in 19” or 23” wide racks and cabinets. At 2U high, there’s more room for technicians to connect cables and work inside the system, notes Eltek. Horizontal cabling reduces vertical space requirements and connections are all front access.

Eltek’s Flatpack S high-efficiency rectifiers power the Flatpack S 2U, and typically achieve efficiency levels above 95 percent at 48V DC output, claims the company. With front-to-back airflow and chassis-integrated heat sinks, the system also provides excellent heat management.

In addition, Eltek’s advanced Smartpack S controller is built into the system to enable remote monitoring, maintenance and data collection. The Smartpack S has enhanced battery management capabilities including extensive testing features, automatic temperature compensated battery charging and support for automatic and manual boost-charging methods. In many cases, these features can extend the life of batteries and provide an accurate estimate of battery capacity and remaining lifetime.

“The new Flatpack S 2U doubles the power that can be delivered to telecom applications, despite its small dimensions,” says Roel Cortez, Eltek’s vice president of sales for North America. “This innovative addition to our Flatpack S product family provides high efficiency, unprecedented power output and advanced features, all for space-constrained installations.”

The complete Flatpack S 2U system includes controller, rectifiers, battery and load distribution. To learn more, visit www.eltek.com.

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