Light Brigade expanding fiber-optic training in Canada for 2015

Oct. 3, 2014
Light Brigade, the education and training unit of AFL, will increase its slate of fiber-optic training sessions in Canada to 13 next year.

Light Brigade, the education and training unit of AFL, will increase its slate of fiber-optic training sessions in Canada to 13 next year. The sessions will include several of the company's more popular courses, including "Fiber Optics 1-2-3," "Advanced Hands-on Training," "FTTx for Installers and Technicians," "Fiber Optics for Oil/Gas," "Fiber Optics for Mining Applications," and "Fiber Optics for ITS, Traffic, Fire Alarm, and Communication Systems."

The expanded activities in Canada follow the success of the company's basic "Fiber Optics 1-2-3" course in Canada.

"Since our initial offerings of Canadian open enrollment venues in 2013, we have experienced great success with our core 'Fiber Optics 1-2-3' course in Canada," stated Dario DePaolis, General Manager for Light Brigade. "We have been so impressed by the response that we have added even more of our high-quality courses to our 2015 schedule in order to satisfy the growing demand for fiber-optic training in the country."

"Fiber Optics 1-2-3" targets those who wish to learn how to design, install, and maintain fiber-optic communications systems in such applications as telco, broadband access, and premises (LAN) environments. Over 16 hours of classroom lecture and an equal amount of hands-on skills training, students learn to use the latest technology and equipment to splice, connectorize, test, and troubleshoot fiber-optic networks to increase efficiency, reliability, and on-the-job safety, as well as to reduce cost and downtime, Light Brigade says.

The course will be offered seven times in 2015 across the country including:
January 6-9 in Vancouver, BC
April 14-17 in Edmonton, AB
April 28 - May 1 in Toronto, ON
May 12-15 in Ottawa, ON
July 14-17 in Halifax, NS
September 15-18 in Calgary, AB
October 5-8 in Winnipeg, MB

The newly available courses include the "Advanced Hands-on Training" course. The course, as its name implies, gives experienced installers and technicians an extra level of hands-on training in cable preparation, splicing, and testing specifically focused on fiber installation skills. The 8 hours of classroom lecture and 24 hours of skills labs will take place August 25-28 in Vancouver, BC.

Light Brigade will offer its "FTTx for Installers and Technicians" course February 24-27 in Vancouver, BC. The four-day course aims to provide a practical understanding and development of the hands-on skills needed to properly install and maintain fiber-to-the-premises (FTTx) networks. The course has earned the endorsement of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific, notes the trainer.

The "Fiber Optics for Oil/Gas" course features 16 hours of classroom lecture and 16 hours of hands-on skills labs specifically focused on the requirements of the oil and gas industry. Attendees will learn to safely prepare fiber-optic cables, perform fiber-optic splicing, build and inspect harsh environment connectors, and work with optical test equipment such as the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR). The course has been updated to include content on fiber-optic sensing theory and sensing applications that are specifically oriented to the oil and gas industry. The course will be offered twice in Canada in 2015, March 24-27 in Ft. McMurray, AB, and September 22-25 in Edmonton, AB.

"Fiber Optics for Mining Applications" is another industry-specific offering. Over the course of three days, attendees will receive 12 hours of classroom instruction followed by 12 hours of hands-on training for those designing, installing, and maintaining fiber optic communication systems in harsh mine environments, including underground, open pit, and strip mines. The safety issues associated with working in mining applications will be stressed during the course, which Light Brigade will offer November 23-25 in Sudbury, ON.

Finally, Light Brigade will offer three versions of its "Fiber Optics for ITS, Traffic, Fire Alarm, and Communication Systems" course, each aimed at certification of a different level of skill sets: International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Fiber Optics for ITS, Traffic, Fire Alarm, and Communication Systems Technician Level I, Field Technician Level II, and Design Technician Level II.

The Technician Level I course is two days of classroom lecture that covers basic fiber-optic theory, splicing, terminations, fiber management products, installation, testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The Field Technician Level II course offers two days of in-depth hands-on skills training on fiber-optic cable preparation, splicing, OTDR operation, optical loss testing, restoration, maintenance, and video system design for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The Design Technician Level II one-day course covers system design, loss budgets, and integration for voice, video, and data systems; optical multiplexing; bidirectional transmission; and bandwidth.

The courses will run consecutively:
Technician Level I on December 7-8 in Vancouver, BC
Field Technician Level II on December 9-10 in Vancouver, BC
Design Technician Level II on December 11 in Vancouver, BC


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