Klein's new coax cable cutter also cuts copper-clad steel cable

Multi-functional tool includes shears to cut common wires and cables.

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Klein Tools has expanded its Voice/Data/Video (VDV) product line with the addition of its Coax Cable Cutter - CCS tool. Made in the USA, the forged multi-functional cutter is optimized to cut copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable in addition to other steel, aluminum and copper wires and cables. It is designed to withstand cutting steel-core coaxial cable without damaging the knives or deforming the cable while the shears cleanly cut and snip other wires or cables, says the company.

This single tool provides a critical solution for electricians, voice/data/video technicians and security installers that work with a variety of cables and wires on the job, contends the company. Specifically, Klein's Coax Cable Cutter – CCS' (Cat. No. VDV600-096) key features include: a specialized notched blade designed to withstand cutting steel cable including copper clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable such as RG-59, RG-6/6Q, RG-7 and RG11; and a blade geometry that ensures copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable retains form when cut to facilitate easy insertion into connectors.

Plastic-coated for maximum comfort and grip, the shears are designed to cleanly cut and snip solid and stranded copper, aluminum, UTP/STP twisted pair wires and cables. With a through-hardened custom US-made tool steel design, the tool is hot-riveted joint for durability and features high-leverage handles for genuine one-handed operation.

“The number of tools that a typical journeyman requires on the job can be considerable let alone expensive," states Sean O’Flaherty, senior product manager at Klein Tools. "For example, if the correct wire cutting tool is not at hand, a substitute may be used as a quick fix causing early blade degradation of the tool and safety concerns for the user. The Klein Coax Cable Cutter – CCS, first and foremost, cuts copper-clad steel coaxial cable without blade degradation or cable deformation but, it is also equally proficient when cutting other data and communication cables such as twisted pair thus delivering on multi-functionality and convenience at a lower cost.”

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