Event-analysis capability added to OTDRs

AFL has incorporated the new TruEvent technology to its M-series OTDRs for multimode and singlemode links.

AFL recently announced it is launching a technology it calls TruEvent, which it describes as “advanced event-analysis software.” The technology is used in the company’s M-series optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), and will be available on other OTDRs around mid-year, AFL said. TruEvent “provides a new level of accuracy and reliability in event analysis,” AFL said. “This new technology allows the user to confidently determine where losses meet or exceed specifications from data centers to long-haul applications.”

Lee Kellett, director of product marketing for AFL’s test and inspection division, commented, “The introduction of TruEvent technology provides industry-leading event analysis that makes AFL’s newest models the most accurate OTDRs on the market. Our research focused on developing software that reported all events accurately, while not reporting false events. More accuracy translates into faster, lower-cost troubleshooting and data you can count on.”

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