Fiber-optic trainer Light Brigade counts 50,000 students

AFL's Light Brigade announces fiber-optic training milestone.

AFL’s fiber-optic education and training division, the Light Brigade, announced that it has reached a major milestone, instructing more than 50,000 people worldwide through its public and customized classes, e-learning programs and educational webinars. Over the course of the last three decades, Light Brigade notes that it has expanded from a small company that developed fiber-optic training for the state of Washington, to a worldwide leader in fiber-optic training with training facilities and ventures throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Light Brigade’s training courses, which have been awarded a GSA contract from the United States government, cover the entire spectrum of fiber optics, from basic theory, design, maintenance and testing, through advanced topics such as FTTx, DWDM, SONET, fiber characterization and fiber-optic video transmission. In addition, the company offers course development services in which training can be customized to target various skill levels, focused on specific subject matter, or occur at different locations.

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The trainer notes that it has worked in conjunction with prominent trade associations and organizations to create certification programs specifically designed for their respective industries, such as the Certified Fiber to the Home Professional program for the FTTH Council. In addition, Light Brigade offers third-party certifications and accreditation through Electronics Technicians Association (ETA), Infocomm International, Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. (BICSI) and the Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers (SCTE).

“We strive to maintain focus on developing technologies through our training programs,” comments Larry Johnson, founder and director of Light Brigade. “This is an incredible milestone, and we will continue to design courses to best serve those who want to make informed decisions based on their own specific needs and applications in the fiber-optic industry.”

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