Comcast expands Houston fiber footprint

The expansion will see FTTB connection of several multi-tenant high-rise dwellings, including the largest building in Texas, Chase Tower.

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) says it will extend its fiber-optic network in downtown Houston. The new infrastructure will increase the number of small and mid-sized businesses that Comcast Business Services can address by more than 3,000.

The expansion will see Comcast connect several multi-tenant buildings, including the largest building in Texas, Chase Tower. Comcast expects to complete the infrastructure deployment early in 2013. Like the service provider’s other fiber-to-the-building networks, the Houston system will be fully managed by Comcast end to end.

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“Houston continues to grow and draw in new businesses that are going to need the tools necessary to flourish in today’s tech-savvy environment,” comments Houston Mayor Annise Parker. “Comcast’s network investment supports this, allowing businesses in Houston to further prepare themselves for tomorrow in addition to attracting other new companies that require these services to serve their own customers effectively.”

“Our fiber network expansion in downtown Houston represents Comcast’s commitment to provide the market with the services needed to stay ahead of technology trends and remain competitive as businesses adopt new technology at a rapid rate,” remarks Byron Cantrall, vice president of Comcast Business Services for the Houston Region.

Comcast says the Houston expansion is part of a larger effort by Comcast Business Services to pursue network expansions in targeted metro regions.

Cantrall adds, “We are investing in a thriving business community that has seen incredible growth over the last year and appears on track to bring more jobs, more businesses, and more people to the area, creating an even greater need for reliable, high-capacity business services that help increase efficiency and promote productivity.”

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