Guide discusses cabling selection, management for enterprise, data center networks

Set of articles is meant to help users consider options when planning new cabling projects, and encourages proper administration of an installed plant.

An editorial guide available from Cabling Installation & Maintenance contains articles that address the selection of certain performance levels and installation methods for cabling systems, as well as the administration of an installed cabling plant. Entitled “Selecting, Managing and Administering Cabling Plants for Data Centers and Enterprises,” the document weighs copper-and-fiber choices as well as field-termination and preterm cabling systems. Sponsored by Dymo, the guide also includes an article authored by Dymo on the benefits of a properly labeled/managed/administered cabling plant.

The guide’s cover includes the following description of what the document is and the industry issues it addresses: “Designers, installers and managers of structured cabling systems for enterprise and data-center environments face multiple options as well as challenging tasks to ensure the physical-layer infrastructure put in place supports current and future applications. Taking care to select appropriate cabling media types and constructions, then properly maintaining and administering the installed plant will go a long way toward providing a future-ready infrastructure. This guide includes information about media selection, management and administration to help ensure a cabling plant serves a long, useful life.”

The guide can be downloaded for free by anyone who registers for it. The registration and download page can be accessed here.

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