Verizon installer asks: Where is your rack grounding/bonding?

March 10, 2017
Also wonders about your use of a.) black cable ties in the plenum; and b.) an aluminum ladder.

Dear Mr. Vincent: I just watched the video of the VoIP network cable and Category 6 wiring installation job. I noticed a couple of things that might have been overlooked by the installer.

The first item was that I did not see any grounding or bonding of the newly installed 2-post rack and overhead ladder rack, nor did I see a bus bar to connect any of that to.

The second thing I noticed was that the cable ties used in the ceiling were black in color and if the space above the ceiling tiles is a Plenum-rated environment then the black cable ties are probably not rated for use in a plenum airspace.

The other thing that concerned me a little bit was the use of an aluminum ladder by the techs doing the install. Probably not an issue but fiberglass ladders are safer as they will not conduct electricity. As a Verizon tech we are not allowed to use aluminum ladders in any work we do, whether it be structured cabling work or OSP work.

Anyway, just wanted to point these items out and let you know I truly enjoy the magazine and always look forward to the articles and updates on tech that your magazine covers.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.


Kevin Davidson

Verizon Structured Cabling Technician / Estimator – Global Operations, Mountain States District

4937 NW Front Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97210


Check out this start-to-finish walkthrough of a VoIP network cable and Cat 6 wiring installation job

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