Cloud-based estimating, takeoff software for low-voltage and electrical contractors

Feb. 3, 2017
Esticom says its SaaS estimating and takeoff system provides low-voltage and electrical contractors with an intuitive, efficient way to create material and labor estimates.

Esticom recently introduced a new cloud-based estimating and takeoff software that the company says is purpose-built for mid- to large-size low-voltage and electrical contractors. “Tested and proven by electrical and low-voltage industry experts, Esticom is an affordable, easy-to-use software solution that streamlines the estimating process and produces thorough and accurate project bids,” the company proclaimed.

Chris Lee, Esticom’s co-founder, stated, “Incumbent electrical and low-voltage estimating software solutions are a decade behind in technology. We have combined our construction industry and technical knowledge to design Esticom and fill this gap. With Esticom, contractors in the electrical and low-voltage space now have a comprehensive takeoff and estimating tool to produce accurate estimates, win more work and ensure success for all project stakeholders.”

The software-as-a-service package includes modules for takeoff, estimating and job management; it includes a database of materials and labor costs, including national and local averages on pricing and installation, Esticom said. “The database also provides expertly designed takeoff types with prebuilt formulas that eliminate manual calculations, enabling contractors to bid more projects in less time with greater accuracy,” the company said.

Esticom also pointed out that data can be accessed during construction for budgeting purposes and for providing updated cost estimates if a project’s timeframe or scope changes. The stored data also can be used as a bid history for future analysis and forecasting, Esticom noted.

The software can be used on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Multiple users within an organization can gain access. The software package is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Esticom said all information is securely stored and physically segregated using privacy-protection standards, ensuring that only the subscriber companies and their authorized users can access the information.

The company said it received more than 150 subscriptions for its beta version since November 2016. Esticom also noted the following features.

  • On-screen takeoff, allowing estimators to upload digital plans, analyze the project scope and start producing takeoffs in minutes
  • Integrated estimating
  • Direct transfer of data from takeoff counts into the estimate
  • Calculation of labor and material costs, difficulty factors and profit margins
  • Professional bid and estimate templates
  • Ability to sync team calendars and set deadlines
  • Ability to track customer communication and changes
  • Ability to track job progress from preconstruction through completion

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