Text book addresses four goals of fiber-optic installation

352-page text tells how to achieve low power loss, low installation time, low installation cost and high reliability.

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A new text book from Pearson Technologies entitled Professional Fiber Optic Installation, The Essentials For Success Version 8.0 provides the information needed to achieve the four goals of installation: low power loss, low installation time, low installation cost, and high reliability. "This text contains the knowledge, methods and procedures necessary to successfully install, test and inspect fiber-optic cables, connectors and splices," Pearson says. An image of the text book's cover appears at the bottom of this page.

The 352-page book includes 527 figures, 57 tables and 407 review questions. It is broken into the following four parts.

1. Essentials: Contains nine chapters with the information the professional installer needs about the products with which he or she works. This information includes the language, products, performance, numbers and installation concerns.

2. Principles of Installation: Contains four chapters. With knowledge of the principles described in these chapters, the installer understands the reasons for each installation step. With this understanding, the installer follows these steps for maximum reliability, lower power loss, and low installation cost.

3. Principles and Methods of Testing and Inspection: Contains seven chapters with the principles and methods of insertion loss, OTDR, ORL, reflectance, and dispersion testing, as well as microscopic inspection of connectors. With these methods, the installer can verify proper installation and operation, as well as troubleshoot problem links.

4. Procedures: Contains six chapters with cookbook-like procedures for cable-end preparation for pulling and termination, four methods of connector installation, and midspan splicing via fusion and mechanical methods.

Pearson Technologies points out that this text book and three of its appendices enable personnel to gain certification from The Fiber Optic Association.

The text book costs $49 and will be available beginning October 12. You can find more information about the book here.

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