Report: Broadband Powerline Communications poised for rapid growth

March 23, 2005 - Telecom Trends International says it is well positioned to compete with DSL and cable modem technologies.

Broadband Powerline Communications is poised for rapid growth as an access technology, says a market research report released by Telecom Trends International, Inc.

The technology uses the electricity power grid to bring broadband signals into buildings.

The report, "Broadband Powerline Communications: Ready for Take-Off," states that Broadband Powerline Communications for access applications (BPL-Access) is well positioned to compete head-on with DSL and cable modem technologies for a share of the broadband access market.

According to the report, there were significant BPL-Access commercial roll-outs last year, and dozens of trials are now taking place on all the continents. Many of these trials will evolve into commercial offerings, says the report.

The report estimates that the BPL-Access services market generated $57.1 million in revenue worldwide in 2004, and projects that by 2011, BPL-Access will generate $4.4 billion in revenue worldwide.

The previous single-purpose electricity distribution system now has a new function, says Naqi Jaffery, president of Telecom Trends International. There are no longer any serious technical limitations to the deployment of BPL for high-speed Internet access, he says.

The report says that there is no global standard for BPL-Access - each vendor offers its own proprietary solution - but BPL-Access allows the use of existing infrastructure which lowers the cost of deployment, allowing the provision of services at competitive prices.

Jaffery says every household connected to the power grid can be offered BPL-Access service by the power utility in partnership with the appropriate vendor.

"As the grid becomes the so-called 'third wire' to the premises, the massive scale presented throughout the world will drive costs ever lower," he says.

The report covers developments in Broadband Powerline Communications globally. Published by Telecom Trends International, the report is based on authoritative analysis by experts who are well versed in market and technology developments in Broadband Powerline Communications. The report also covers developments in BPL-Indoor for home networking.

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