Fluke Networks introduces universal adapter

April 18, 2002
April 17, 2002--Users of the permanent link adapter will not have to purchase manufacturer-specific adapter cords for Category 6 testing.

Fluke Networks, Inc. has unveiled its new Universal Permanent Link Interface Adapter for the OMNIScanner Series.

The adapter, the OMNI-LIA101S, is designed to deliver repeatable, accurate test results in full compliance with industry standards for field testing of twisted-pair cabling installations. It uses the same proprietary test adapter cable design as the DSP-4000 CableAnalyzer Series. It exceeds Level III accuracy, providing the same repeatable test results delivered by the DSP-LIA101S.

"Repeatability and consistency of results are absolutely vital when testing Category 6 links," says Mark Johnston, RCDD, copper products and standards manager for Fluke Networks. "Twisted pair constructions used by other suppliers can't come close to matching the stability of this design."

"The tight margins of today's Category 6 links allow no room for variability in the link adapter," Johnson continues.

The adapter features the same interchangeable personality modules as the DSP-4000 Series to support of Category 6 connector systems without the need to buy a separate adapter. Each adapter includes a Personality Module for Category 6 use, and additional personality modules are available for improved performance with a range of manufacturers' jacks.

Fluke Networks, based in Everett, Wash., provides solutions for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks. For more information, visit www.flukenetworks.com.

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