Cabling outlet integrates powerline and 200-Mbit/sec data

The PE Socket from Power Ethernet is based on the HomePlug AV standard for powerline networking.

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PE Socket is a new product that its manufacturer Power Ethernet says integrates powerline networking technology directly into an electrical socket. It "provides a simple and professional way of specifying high-speed data network connectivity throughout a building by using electrical cabling," Power Ethernet says.

The product is based on the HomePlug AVstandard for powerline networking. It combines four Ethernet ports, a managed network switch and filtered power socket into a single device. It fits a 35-mm double-gang metal back box.

According to Power Ethernet, the socket supports speeds up to 200 Mbits/sec across main cabling distances up to 300 meters between sockets. The filtered power socket is designed to reduce the effect of electrically noisy devices that may be plugged into it.

Power Ethernet notes that HomePlug AV-based connectivity can be used in homes and businesses. In business environments, "A Power Ethernet network can connect any device with a network port, from computers and Voice over IP phones through digital signage and CCTV cameras to building management systems."

You can visit Power Ethernet here.

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