Brady label-making system automated for Siemon cabling hardware

The LabelMark 5.4 software package features a datacom wizard with premade templates based on Siemon connectivity.

LabelMark 5.4, the latest version of Brady's label-design software package, includes a datacom wizard that produces premade label templates based on the most common network cabling connectivity hardware from Siemon. With the datacom wizard, users can select Siemon as their network-hardware manufacturer and hardware model, and appropriate label templates will be generated automatically.

Brady's software product manager Marlon Davis explained the efficiency improvement by saying, "Before, network technicians were using Microsoft Word and Excel to set up page sizes and label formats in order to label their network hardware. The process was oftentimes tedious and very time-consuming, because they'd need to make numerous adjustments and format modifications before they could even add the data to the labels to start printing."

The wizard eliminates that need. After selecting the label template, users are guided to apply labeling legend data and save the cable markers and label files they've created for patch panels, jacks and other hardware. It allows technicians to save a complete job, which can be used for label kitting at future on-site cable drops and rack installations, Brady says.

Siemon's vice president of global marketing Bob Carlson said, "Combining Brady's LabelMark software and Siemon's hardware models provides a time-saving cable and networking labeling solution for users around the globe."

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