Temperature sensor enhances data center monitoring

Sensor technology enhancements use a power-saving platform pioneered by RF Code.

RF Code (Austin, TX) has introduced an energy-efficient data center temperature sensor that enables long battery life while maintaining real-time alerting and meticulous monitoring accuracy. The sensor's technology enhancements use a power-saving platform pioneered by RF Code. The sensor is part of the company's data center monitoring and asset management solutions, a mix of active RFID hardware and integrated management software.

In addition to the sensor's hardware innovation, RF Code states that it has added "imaginative capabilities" to the unit's software. These include the ability to track temperature changes down to 0.1 degree Centigrade as well as giving customers the power to make data storage decisions that map to a company's individual needs. Used by a number of the world's largest companies, RF Code notes that its platform also integrates into many of the leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems to help customers run more efficient data centers.

"Data center disasters can happen between temperature monitoring alerts sent by the sensor," comments Chris Gaskins, RF Code's vice president of product development. "Other solutions sacrifice alerting time to provide a long life battery. We challenged that conventional wisdom by developing a solution that says you can have it all: long battery life, rapid alerting and precise monitoring. All this on a matchbook-sized, peel and stick sensor that quickly sends information to the key data center personnel. Our solutions aim to preempt power management problems."

Available immediately, the RF Code High Performance Temperature Sensor provides accurate temperature monitoring within 1 degree Fahrenheit. For more information, email dgould[at]rfcode.com or call 877-463-0756.

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