Side-entry repair sleeves for damaged wire

TE Connectivity's C-Wrap sleves can be used in aerospace, defense and marine applications.

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TE Connectivity has introduced C-Wrap side-entry repair sleeves that can be used in the repair of damaged cable wires in applications including aerospace, defense and marine. The sleeve "delivers an environmental resistant repair to damaged primary wire with nicks, chaffed and radial cracks," TE Connectivity says.

A wrap comprises two pieces - outer tubing and adhesive. Its wrap-around design eliminates the need to de-pin a connector for repair, the company says, which saves time, cost and manpower. It has environment-resistant qualities that prevent galvanic corrosion and allow use in a temperature range from -65 to +150 degrees Celsius. The wrap is made of a meltable adhesive and radiation crosslinked modified fluoroelastomer insulation sleeve.

Janeann Avants, product manager for global aerospace, defense and marine with TE Connectivity, commented, "Our C-wrap device was designed specifically to meet the requests of the MRO [maintenance, repair, operations] community. Our design engineers focused on pushing the functionality and performance."

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