Creators of Cabling Installation & Maintenance launch Smart Buildings Technology

May 11, 2021
The editorial, sales and management staff of Cabling Installation & Maintenance have started a website and magazine devoted to intelligent buildings.

Endeavor Business Media, publisher of Cabling Installation & Maintenance, has launched a website and soon will publish the first issue of a magazine dedicated to intelligent buildings. Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s editors, sales professionals, and executive management also serve in those capacities on the new media outlet, Smart Buildings Technology.

Smart Buildings Technology is dedicated to enhancing collaboration across the professional technology ecosystem serving the smart buildings market. It reaches the value chain of building system concept, design, integration, deployment and management. Communications systems within a smart building is a specific area of focus, and professionals in the information and communications technology (ICT) trade are among the audience that Smart Buildings Technology reaches.

The Smart Buildings Technology Report newsletter is issued twice per month. Smart Buildings Technology magazine will be published three times in 2021, in June, September, and November.

You can subscribe to the newsletter and the magazine here.

“Our content is based on the central theme of a smart building: making disparate systems work together effectively,” said chief editor Patrick McLaughlin. “This focus on integration applies across technologies, building systems, a building owner’s internal organization, and professional trades serving the smart building.

“Today more than ever, the characteristics that make a building ‘smart’ are about improving the human condition,” he continued. “For years, a smart building’s most recognized attributes were energy conservation and that conservation’s financial implications. Now, energy conservation is just one of several aspects of a smart building that make the space sustainable on our planet. And as the world’s population emerges from a global pandemic, the health, safety, and wellbeing of building occupants is a primary concern, which can be addressed by certain smart building technologies. So we’re going far beyond counting kilowatt hours as a measure of how effective a smart building is. These structures truly are making people’s lives better.”

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