The HDBaseT Wallplate Transmitter Has Been Introduced to Atlona’s Omega Series AV Integration Product Family

Feb. 20, 2024
The AT-OME-TX11-WP HDBaseT wallplate transmitter by Atlona provides a compact HDMI solution for various spaces.

Atlona’s AT-OME-TX11-WP HDBaseT wallplate transmitter, the latest to join the company’s Omega Series lineup, and although it’s part of that family it focuses on more straightforward connectivity needs including supporting remote HDMI source connection needs for larger systems and simple point-to-point HDMI extension.

The transmitter gives customers a cost-efficient, focused HDMI source connection point while still being compact. The device is best suited for gathering spaces such as meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, etc. It transmits high-resolution HDMI video at up to 4K60 4:2:0 with embedded audio from source devices such as PCs and media players and extends signals up to 330 ft (100 m) while utilizing low-cost category cable.

“The OME-TX11-WP is primarily intended as a companion to the AT-OME-RX11 receiver for applications requiring simple, reliable point-to-point HDMI extension.” The receiver’s de-embedded audio output gives customers the ability to add sound reinforcement. The device is compatible with other Omega Series receivers and switchers with HDBaseT inputs. This HDBaseT wallplate can provide an auxiliary HDMI input to a main switching system, with Atlona using the Omega AT-OME-PS62 presentation switcher as an example, for larger system setups.

Tommy Gay, AV Product Manager, Atlona commented on the product stating, “We designed the new AT-OME-TX11-WP for customers seeking a basic wallplate HDMI transmitter in applications where extending USB or control is not required. We see this particularly beneficial inside learning spaces, as students now have a very straightforward way to connect their laptops and immediately share content with their classmates. It is also a very convenient wall or table HDMI connectivity solution for corporate presentations.”


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