Serial-to-Ethernet 2-port switch drives secure printing minus new cabling infrastructure

Security products supplier RF IDeas has announced its Ethernet 241 device.

RF IDeas, a manufacturer of in-building identification and access control readers, announced the release of its Ethernet 241 device. The serial to Ethernet 2-port switch enables secure printing on any network printer. When paired with the company's pcProx reader, the Ethernet 241 gives users the ability to add secure printing to any network printer, without the cost of additional network cabling and infrastructure.

Secured printing allows companies to secure confidential and proprietary information, reduce day-to-day printing costs and save time by optimizing workflow, notes RF IDeas. Until recently, secured printing capabilities were only available on a small percentage of printers in the market, contends the company.

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“Until now, secure printing was only an accessible feature to a small percentage of users with technology specific, multi-function printers,” says RF IDeas President Rick Landuyt. “By offering the Ethernet 241, secured printing can be enabled on any printer, anywhere. Thus, allowing any user to set up a secured printing solution.”

The RF IDeas pcProx and pcProx Plus lines of card readers currently support over 45 different types of proximity (125 kHz) and contactless (13.56 MHz) smart card credentials. Combining the power and versatility of pcProx card readers with the new Ethernet 241, expands the functionality of RF IDeas products even further, says the company.

Watch a video describing applications utilizing RF IDeas' products.

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