Volume 29, Issue 3

The Swift K33 is a standalone core-alignment splicer from America Ilsintech.

Fusion splicing becomes more efficient and accessible

April 14, 2021
Improved capabilities coupled with lower equipment costs have made fusion splicing an attractive and popular termination option.
Trend Networks
SignalTEK 10G from Trend Networks (formerly Ideal Networks) is an example of a transmission tester. It qualifies cabling and networks for available bandwidth.

Trends and future directions in network infrastructure testing

April 14, 2021
Organizations at the forefront of cabling-system test technologies describe what they see on the horizon for this essential function.
Leah613, dreamstime.com
Addendum 1 to the ANSI/TIA-607-D standard will include recommendations (“should” statements) about the number of ground rods connected to monopole towers, depending on the tower base’s width.

Addendum to TIA’s bonding and grounding standard will harmonize with wireless-antenna standard

April 14, 2021
By Patrick McLaughlinAn addendum to the ANSI/TIA-607-D standard, commonly referred to as the bonding and grounding standard, will harmonize the document with a separate Telecommunicatio...
Huber + Suhner
Strategic structured cabling planning and implementation strengthen performance and expand connectivity options with clear, simple and versatile structured cabling solutions.
Data Center

Structured cabling solutions are key to addressing increasing demands on data centers

April 14, 2021
Innovative cable management solutions ensure the right system is implemented in the right location, for the right application.