NSCA Revamps Its 2023 Guide to State Licensing

Nov. 21, 2023
The guide includes all the licensing information integrators require for each U.S. state.

What is the NSCA Guide to State Licensing?

The NSCA is a non-profit association that represents the commercial integration industry. The association recently updated its Guide to State Licensing for 2023. This report gives the commercial integration industry a reference guide of state laws that dictate the installation of limited energy and/or integrated technology systems.

The updated report provides and overview of the licensing requirements and state code for each U.S. state and reflects all changes in state and administrative statutes through October 2023.

NSCA Executive Director Tom LeBlanc states that members have frequently asked for the report to be updated for years. He further goes on saying, “NSCA dedicated this year to conducting large amounts of research and making sure the guide is as up to date as possible. Integrators can use this guide to answer all the questions they have about working in other states so they can quickly ensure compliance.”

What the report covers

The report goes over alarm system requirements, electrical contractor/electrician requirements, limited-energy requirements, other contractor license requirements (GC, etc), license types and associated fees, and much more. The guide includes “a one-page quick reference sheet at the end of the document that outlines requirements for electrical/contractor, low-voltage, or alarm/security system work in each state.”

NSCA members can download the report for free, while non-members will have to pay for the report. For further information, call 800-446-6722.

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