Hybrid connector system fuses industrial power, signal, communication elements

Intercontech's Series 740 htec is a one-cable hybrid connector system that operates with power up to 44 KW.

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Electric drive systems and industrial automation platforms can be interconnected with a new one-cable system from Intercontec, with power ranging up to 44 KW. Rather than two separate cables for power, signal and communications, it is possible to combine both into a single cable-connector unit using Intercontec's new Series 740 htec hybrid connector system, which is now available in addition to the smaller Series 723 htec hybrid connectors.

Where space is tight, resolver and fieldbus connectors can be eliminated completely, as the Series 740 htec hybrid connector combines three connectors into one. The advantages of the hybrid connector are clear, contends Intercontec. Besides saving costs for cable and connectors, with the new it is possible to reduce space requirements on machines and control cabinets. Cabling, maintenance, and cleaning also become easier with the htec connector, says the company.

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Supporting operation up to 70 A, the htec connectors are available with a traditional metal housing or a manipulation-proof plastic coat over the metal housing. The new connector utilizes the proprietary speedtec quick connection system and accommodates power conductors up to 6 AWG. The tri-functionality of power, signal, and communications in one circular connector housing can be configured individually. In addition to different pin layouts and codings, the user can choose from a number of separately shielded Ethernet elements with one, two, or three wire pairs.

Electro-Matic Products is the North American distributor for Intercontec products. For more information visit: www.intercontec.com and www.empconnectivity.com.

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