Ethernet Alliance announces 2013 leadership

Feb. 21, 2013
Global Ethernet organization announces board of directors and officers for 2013 term.

The Ethernet Alliance has announced its newly elected board of directors members and officers for its 2013 term. Elected and confirmed at the 2013 Ethernet Alliance members' meeting in Santa Clara, California, newly seated officers include:

John D'Ambrosia, Dell – Chairman, Board of Directors
Scott Kipp, Brocade – President, Treasurer
Manoj Wadekar, QLogic – Vice President
Howard Frazier, Broadcom – Secretary, Board of Directors

Newly confirmed board members include:

Dan Dove, AppliedMicro
David Fair, Intel
Gilda Foss, NetApp
Matt Traverso, Cisco

During its annual members meeting, the Ethernet Alliance also honored a select group of individuals for their outstanding efforts and success in promoting and advancing both Ethernet and the Ethernet Alliance. Honorees recognized for their work and leadership included:

Mario Chow, Dell
Anoop Ghanwani, Dell
Michael Githens, Ixia
Mikkel Hagen, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL)
Henry He, Ixia
Scott Kipp, Brocade Corporation
Valerie Maguire, Siemon Company
Ranganath Rao, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Robert Reid, Panduit Corp.
Chauncey Schwartz, QLogic Corporation
Patrick Strick, NetApp Inc.
Manoj Wadekar, QLogic Corporation
Frank Yang, CommScope, Inc.

With the confirmation of its new board of directors and officers, the group says it is well-positioned to extend its pursuit of global Ethernet ecosystem growth and development, and support the next-generation of Ethernet speeds, starting with the push for 400 Gb/s Ethernet.

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“Groundbreaking innovation and expansion made 2012 a pivotal year for the Ethernet Alliance," comments Ethernet Alliance president, Scott Kipp, a principal engineer at Brocade. "The forward-looking leadership of our board and officers helped us realize critical milestones such as the first-ever Technology Exploration Forum focused on exploring end-users needs, the successful construction and operation of a 1Tb-capable fabric at the TeraFabric Plugfest, and our positive entry into China’s evolving Ethernet landscape. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our outgoing Board and officers, the Ethernet Alliance is poised for even greater successes in the year to come.”

“2013 will be a dynamic, exciting year for the Ethernet Alliance; we still have much more work to do with 400 GbE and Terabit Ethernet on the horizon," adds Ethernet Alliance chairman, Dell's John D'Ambrosia. "Our incoming board of directors and officers are among the industry’s best and brightest, and we look forward to leveraging the fresh perspective, ideas, and expertise they bring with them. By building on the firm foundation established in 2012, the Ethernet Alliance is ready to continue its global expansion and evolution, and overcome any challenges encountered on the path to the next generation of high-speed Ethernet.”

Visit the Ethernet Alliance website.

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