TIA’s Herb Congdon discusses TR-42 cabling standards development efforts

In a TIA Now video, Congdon covers topics including Category 8, the ‘D’ revision of TIA-568, encircled flux and earthing/grounding.

In a video that is part of the Telecommunications Industry Association’s TIA Now series, the TIA’s associate vice president of standards and technology development Herb Congdon offers a wide-ranging update on several of the cabling-standards-development efforts taking place in the TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee.

Hosted by TIA Now anchor Abe Nejad, the 12-minute video segment mainly consists of Congdon explaining six different activities happening within TR-42 and the broader implications of these activities to designers, installers and users of cabling systems. One piece of news covered in the interview is that the committee is working on a ‘D’ revision of the TIA-568 standard. Congdon details some of the efforts being made on that front.

You may be interested in reading the article “568-C.0: The next generation of cabling standards,” authored by Herb Congdon in 2008 when he chaired TR-42 before becoming a TIA executive.

Congdon also addresses the following topics.

  • Physical security of installed cabling systems
  • Category 8 cabling
  • STEP – Sustainable Technology Environments Program, and associated TIA standards efforts
  • Encircled flux
  • Earthing (grounding)

You can watch the video here, and visit the TIA Now site here.

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