Aquantia hits 1M 10GBase-T-port milestone

Jan. 31, 2013
IC provider and others anticipate a surge in 10GBase-T deployment.

Integrated circuit (IC) developer Aquantia recently announced it has shipped a cumulative 1 million 10GBase-T ports. “The trends toward mobile, video and cloud continue to accelerate, creating an unprecedented migration and consolidation of data into large-scale data centers,” Aquantia said when announcing the milestone. “Simultaneously, the virtualization of servers continues to increase rapidly, creating even more demand for faster LAN interfaces. In March 2012 major server OEMs released a new class of 10GBase-T-capable servers using the powerful Xeon E5 processors, creating a combination of high-performance processing and high-speed I/O, allowing the deployment of a new generation of 10GE infrastructure. The launch of these 10GBase-T servers, together with a broad range of 10GBase-T-based switches marked the beginning of the transition of this technology to mass deployment.”

Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at The Linley Group, said, “Those trends, combined with momentum like Aquantia’s 1-million-port milestone, indicate that the ecosystem is now in place and adoption of 10GBase-T is poised to surge. By capitalizing on the industry’s transition to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Aquantia has quickly established itself as the leader in 10GBase-T semiconductors.”

Aquantia’s president and chief executive officer Faraj Aalaei commented, “The economic and technical barriers to end-user adoption of 10GBase-T have been overcome, and 10GBase-T is moving to large-scale deployment. We are thrilled to have passed the 1-million-port milestone, and would like to thank all our customers and partners that have contributed to this successful ramp, and have put their faith in Aquantia’s technology and leadership. We look forward to the continuing acceleration of the 10GBase-T market, which we are dedicated to serving with our industry-leading products.

“Assisted by Moore’s Law, we continue to integrate more features, and reduce power consumption which will further accelerate the adoption,” Aalaei continued. “It is the same reason that Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet were widely adopted in the past. History repeats itself.”

In its announcement, Aquantia also stated, “As more products from OEMs have recently been made available, the growth for 10GBase-T is set to accelerate in the coming quarters, as evidenced by the latest forecast from Crehan Research, which is projecting that more than 5 million 10GBase-T ports will ship in the year 2013. The combined market share of data center-class switching OEMs having a 10GBase-T offering for their core products now stands at a staggering 95 percent, completing the swath of server products offered with that interface.”