Cabling infrastructure developers avow 400G union

Major vendors publically avow to work with a unified approach toward hammering out the new 400G specs.

DatacenterDynamicsFOCUShas a good wrap-up noting the committment of several major cabling companies to work with a unified approach toward hammering out the new 400Gbps specifications. Brocade, Avago Technologies, JDS Uniphase, Molex and TE Connectivity have formally joined to advance the new 400G copper cable and fiber-optic transceiver specs to drive data transmission rates.

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The companies are working together under terms of a multi-source agreement to define the 400G transceiver, module, and plug's mechanical form factor as well as a host-board electrical edge connector and cage. The prototype 400G module will integrate 16 transmit and 16 receive channels supporting passive and active copper cables, and active optical modules. Per the workings of the CFDP MSA, the grouped companies will provide products that are mechanically and electrically interchangeable.

In particular, the collaborative project will specify 400G's electrical, optical and mechanical interfaces, including optical connector and mating fiber-optic cable plugs, electrical connectors, guide rails, front panels and host PCB layout requirements. The new 400G specification will most likely also include thermal, electromagnetic and electrostatic discharge design recommendations, added the companies.

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Source:DataCenter Dynamics

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