Light Brigade bringing fiber-optic training to India

Light Brigade partners with India's NIFOT.

Light Brigade, the education and training division of AFL, has partnered with India's NeST Institute of Fiber Optic Technology Pvt. Ltd. (NIFOT) to develop a fiber-optic training center in India. NIFOT is a NeST Group Company that functions as an ODM company for fiber-optic products, including fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) gear.

Through the new center, Light Brigade and NIFOT will offer fiber-optics-related training material and an outside plant training facility. The center, coupled with industrial placement at NeST Group, is intended to provide NIFOT students with the opportunity to learn from experts and acquire skills relevant to the fiber-optics industry.

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“With bandwidth demands continuing to expand in India, only fiber-optic technology can deliver the services vital to meet the communications needs of developing regions in the country,” commented Dario De Paolis, vice president and general manager of Light Brigade. “Light Brigade will offer training expertise, consultancy services, and course material for NIFOT to ensure the program addresses the latest technology and techniques for trainees so that businesses in India can grow.”

NeST Group says it has employed and trained more than 5000 employees in such fiber optic technologies as FTTH, planar lightwave circuits (PLCs), amplifiers, and fiber distribution units. The new center will enhance NIFOT’s existing training activities.

“NeST Group has been a pioneer in introducing fiber-optic products in India since 1991. With [our] 23 years of fiber-optic experience and Light Brigade’s world-class training program, we hope to meet the increasing demand for professional training in fiber optics in India,” said Mr. N. Jehangir, vice chairman and managing director of NeST Group.

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