Ethernet Alliance announces new membership option, plus new VP

March 18, 2014
New membership option provides meaningful opportunities for start-ups and other fledgling organizations to participate in the Ethernet ecosystem.

The Ethernet Alliance has announced the availability of its new Associate membership class. Associate memberships will give start-ups and other smaller organizations access to Ethernet Alliance benefits and resources, and provide them with new opportunities to play a bigger role within the evolving Ethernet ecosystem, says the consortium.

“Ethernet is stronger and more vibrant than ever, with no signs of an impending ‘midlife crisis’ -- a remarkable achievement for a technology that just celebrated its 40th birthday,” comments John D’Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance, and chief Ethernet technologist, Dell.

D'Ambrosia adds, “With Ethernet’s continuing expansion, there’s always a vibrant community of smaller organizations making their way onto the scene. Just as Metcalfe’s Law recognizes the value of a network grows exponentially in proportion to the number of users, the Ethernet Alliance recognizes that by giving emerging players entrée into the Ethernet ecosystem, their ideas and innovations can help to further drive the value of the entire system.”

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The Ethernet Alliance’s expanded membership options now include Principal, Participating, Consulting, University, and Associate memberships, which complements the organization’s goal of promoting growth and advancement across the Ethernet ecosystem.

Also being announced is the election of Gilda Foss, office of the CTO, NetApp, as vice president of the Ethernet Alliance. An industry veteran with a broad base of technical, project management, and marketing expertise, Ms. Foss’ election will help propel the organization to new heights during her term in office, says the consortium.

“Through careful stewardship, consensus-building, and other activities, Ethernet Alliance has helped foster a richly collaborative climate within the Ethernet ecosystem," comments Foss. "Cultivating an environment where interoperability and innovation is allowed to flourish has hastened Ethernet’s global adoption and expanded its application horizon. I’m honored by my election to an organization so deeply committed to Ethernet’s continued success.”

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