TIA examines future of video, impact of Open Internet rules

Sept. 30 roundtable event in Washington D.C. featured executives from Verizon, NAB, Public Knowledge, Latham & Watkins and Washington Analysis.

Oct 1st, 2014
TIA examines future of video, impact of open Internet rules
TIA examines future of video, impact of open Internet rules

On September 30 at Washington D.C.'s Occidental Grill, representing manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) held a special event examining the impact of two critical issues shaping the future of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry -- the FCC's Open Internet proposal, and soaring demand for online video.

According to TIA, the goal of the event was to "specifically address changing consumer demand for video, its implications for mobile broadband networks and broadcasters, as well as the impact of the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules on video consumption." At the talk, industry executives and thought leaders also examineed whether the open Internet rules will impact investment, the cost and manner in which consumers receive content over the Internet, and other topics.

Entitled the Future of Video, Competition, and Open Internet Roundtable, the discussion also looked at how new open Internet rules may affect competition and the delivery of content, with a particular focus on video. The roundtable's speakers included: John Bergmayer, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Knowledge; Matt Brill, Partner, Latham & Watkins; Lynn Claudy, Senior Vice President for Technology, National Association of Broadcasters; George Reed-Dellinger, Analyst, Washington Analysis; and David Young, Vice President for Federal Regulatory Affairs, Verizon.

TIA has clearly defined its position on new Net Neutrality legislation, as outlined in the video above, which was recently posted to the TIA NOW Youtube channel.

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