Ethernet Alliance considering Power over Ethernet logo certification program

July 9, 2014
Global Ethernet consortium to host open discussion in support of proposed initiative designed to accelerate PoE technology adoption in new markets and application spaces.

The Ethernet Alliance announced that it is inviting the Ethernet industry as a whole to join the consortium in an open discussion of a proposed Ethernet Alliance Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology logo certification program (#LogoPoE).

The discussion will be held via conference call, beginning at 8:00am PDT on August 27, 2014. The Ethernet Alliance is reaching out to the industry "to gather meaningful, actionable input from participants to define a proposed program designed to best meet the needs of the PoE application space." Ethernet Alliance expects that adoption of such a logo certification program "would accelerate the deployment of standardized IEEE 802.3 PoE technology and greatly benefit PoE solutions developers and vendors, enterprises, infrastructure architects and managers, integrators, and consumers alike."

“PoE technologies offer an array of proven advantages such as greater flexibility and cost-savings, however, with its continued evolution and maturation, there are as yet untapped opportunities for amplifying PoE’s benefits,” said David Tremblay, technical chair, Power over Ethernet subcommittee, Ethernet Alliance; and Power over Ethernet architect, HP Networking. “We believe an industry-driven logo certification program will help promote greater interoperability between IEEE 802.3-standardized PoE solutions. Additionally, a logo certification program will help end users more easily identify PoE products that have undergone Ethernet Alliance PoE logo certification and better ensure their performance, helping to further PoE’s rapid adoption across a broad array of markets and applications, like the coming Internet of Things.”

Ethernet Alliance notes that, with its ease-of-deployment and use, flexibility, and cost-savings, PoE technologies have an established foothold in the enterprise market and are looking to emerging application spaces such as vehicular networking and the Internet of Things. The Ethernet Alliance’s conference call is designed to accurately assess demand for and build consensus around an industry-wide logo certification program for IEEE 802.3 PoE solutions, an initiative that could help stimulate further discussions and accelerate the technology’s move into new application spaces.

“There really are no boundaries to PoE’s application horizon; truly, anyone using a wired Ethernet device can gain from the adoption of this innovative technology. Smart buildings and building infrastructures, hospitality, call centers, medical, medical and healthcare, and the Internet of Things are just a few of the markets where PoE can be a disruptive, positive force,” said Howard Frazier, technical committee chairman, board of directors member, Ethernet Alliance; and senior technical director, Broadcom Corporation. “We feel the time is right for us to step back and take the temperature of the industry to see if a PoE logo certification program is warranted. We hope everyone will join us for this interesting and exciting discussion.”

The Ethernet Alliance PoE logo certification program conference call begins at 8:00am PDT on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. Free and open to any interested individuals or organizations, advance registration is recommended for this call. Registration can be completed online at:

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