TIA calls on President Obama for renewed telecom focus

Nov. 13, 2012
TIA contends that telecom will play a critical role in creating jobs and strengthening America’s economic leadership.

In a recent statement, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) congratulated President Obama for his victory in the 2012 presidential election, and called on the president to focus attention on the critical role of tech and telecom in the U.S. economy.

TIA President Grant Seiffert issued the following statement:

“On behalf of the high-tech manufacturers represented by TIA, I want to congratulate President Obama for winning the 2012 presidential election. Jobs and economic growth were the central issues in President Obama’s campaign, and we know that the tech and telecom industries will be critical in the continued recovery effort. The ICT industry employs 3.5 million Americans and contributes $1 trillion to the U.S. GDP, and its role in the American economy is only growing. A healthy and vibrant ICT industry is essential here at home, and for our country to remain a worldwide economic leader."

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“We strongly encourage President Obama to bring renewed focus to the issues facing tech and telecom businesses in the U.S. In particular, our nation must have, and enforce, trade policies that erase barriers for U.S. goods and ensure that our companies have a level playing field throughout the world. More spectrum for broadband is vitally important for allowing consumers to reap the benefits of the wireless revolution and for American businesses to compete effectively. And tax reform, including incentives such as a permanent R&D tax credit, is needed so these businesses can invest in new technologies and continue leading the world in innovation."

“TIA is eager to work with the Obama administration to make certain that it has the information, resources, and industry support to successfully move forward with these and other important economic growth policies.”

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