White paper justifies need for IPv6, explains upside

Recent white paper from Wipro.

A recent white paper from Wipro describes the need for IPv6 technology, while explaining the benefits it can provide.

According to the paper, major benefits of IPv6 may include the following: "massive" address space; routing efficiency; more efficient packet processing; multi-cast support; stateless address auto-configuration; and IPv6's capacities as the enabler for "The Internet of Things." The paper also evangelizes on how important it is to take a holistic view of IPv6 migration from a business perspective.

Key challenges network technicians might encounter in implementing IPv6 migration are also discussed. According to Wipro, chief among these challenges are the following: IPv6 is not backward-compatible; and the issue of managing IPv6 and IPv4 co-existence. The paper is entitled Gearing Up For Network Ubiquity: Prepare yourself for the next wave of digitization.

Read and download the white paper here.

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