Fiber adapters for AEM’s TestPro incorporate VFL, volt meter

The singlemode and multimode adapters include an integrated VFL and a volt meter, which enables technicians to measure voltage for hybrid powered-fiber applications.


AEM recently announced the availability of fiber-optic certification adapters for the TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Tester. The singlemode and multimode adapters each include an integrated visual fault locator (VFL) and volt meter. The VFL provides a quick indication of a break in fiber, while the volt meter offers an integrated connection port for measuring electrical voltage for hybrid powered fiber applications in support of smart building initiatives, AEM explained.

Aem Test Pro Cv100 Fiber Optic (2)“For deployments where powered fiber is being used, TestPro’s fiber adapters provide not only certification of the fiber-optic cable, but also the ability to validate electrical voltage on the adjacent copper wire in this hybrid cable type,” AEM added. “This enables contractors to measure the electrical input voltage going into an end device directly, or to a PoE extender that is supplying PoE end devices, and gives the technician everything needed for testing at their fingertips. Combine that with TestPro’s ability to measure actual PoE load (requires AD-NET-CABLE adapter), and the result is a powerful solution with a unique set of capabilities that allows contractors to verify and troubleshoot across various points in the network topology.”

Lisa Schwartz, director of marketing and channels at AEM, said, “As more and more buildings look to supply power over the network infrastructure, it’s becoming increasingly important that testing tools consolidate functionality to deliver more value. By combining Tier 1 certification along with an integrated VFL, a volt meter, and reporting of compliant networks, these unique adapters dramatically streamline the testing of hybrid fiber applications.”        

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