NetAlly handheld tester provider spins out of NetScout

Aug. 14, 2019
Provider of LinkSprinter, LinkRunner, AirCheck G2 and AirMagnet, with a heritage from NetScout and Fluke Networks, is now known as NetAlly.

On August 14, NetAlly officially launched as a company. Formerly a business unit of NetScout and previously part of Fluke Networks, NetAlly is an independent provider of handheld test solutions including LinkSprinter, LinkRunner, OneTouch AT Network Assistant, AirCheck G2, and AirMagnet. As part of its launch, NetAlly announced WiFi 6 support for AirCheck G2 as well as updates to its centralized cloud platform Link-Live that the company says “dramatically improve data analysis and collaboration for network engineers and technicians.”

When announcing its launch, NetAlly said the company comprises “a team that has been developing highly recognized and respected brands of portable network test solutions for over 25 years.”

In September 2018, private equity firm StoneCalibre acquired the LinkRunner, LinkSprinter, OneTouch, AirCheck, and AirMagnet product lines from NetScout.

Mike Parrottino, NetAlly’s chief executive officer, stated, “Our testers are sought-after by networking professionals around the world, and our mission is to continue to serve those responsible for planning, deploying, validating and troubleshooting access networks and the devices connected to them. We’re dedicated to simplifying the complexities of network testing, providing instant visibility for efficient problem resolution, and enabling seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts. Our testing technology has a rich DNA and we’re excited to build on that heritage to deliver testing customers can trust, from a new ally.”

The company emphasized that it relies on its established channel partners for local representation of their products. “Existing customers with active support contracts have already been transferred over to AllyCare, NetAlly’s service and support program,” the company said. AllyCare offers technical assistance, instrument repair, documentation, and training videos.

In an interview with, Parrottino added, “We have a strong legacy helping companies take out cost and complexity from their operations, and helping them be more productive. In environments where project timelines change or get compressed, there’s a lot of value in that.”

Parrottino added that the company’s research-and-development efforts are important as well. “Customers want to buy and use our products, but they also want to know there’s a roadmap and that we have investments from an R&D perspective. Through our R&D efforts, we will develop a robust and compelling roadmap that aligns with future technologies, which may be key drivers for test and measurement in the future.”

Upon its launch, NetAlly released version 4.0 of its software for the AirCheck G2 WiFi tester. “This adds visibility of WiFi 6—802.11ax—networks for installation, validation, and troubleshooting,” the company noted. “It also makes AirCheck G2 the first tool to integrate with new Link-Live cloud service enhancements.”

Link-Live, a centralized management workspace for network test results and site-data capture, offers results management, site data management, and user and tester management. Now, the service also includes data-analysis and sharing features, which NetAlly emphasizes enable network engineers and technicians to better coordinate field testing and verification.

Among Link-Live’s newest capabilities are WiFi and iPerf analysis. NetAlly says that with this capability, users can “analyze a richer and broader set of uploaded data for better centralized management and visibility by remote engineers and project supervisors. Go beyond static tables to filter by text for channel and SSID, generate a filtered list of access points, drill down into data instantly, and more. This ability to review connection and roaming test logs makes it easier than ever to collaborate while troubleshooting connectivity and roaming problems. In addition, users can automatically upload and document iPerf performance test results, quickly generating reports that provide pass/fail information that can be used to easily validate network upload and download speeds from anywhere, at any time. All of this results in faster mean-time-to-repair, and simpler documentation and collaboration.”

A new API for Link-Live allows for data extraction into an organization’s network management database or trouble-ticketing system.

Mike Pennacchi, owner of network consulting company Network Protocol Specialists LLC, commented, “These testers set the standard in the industry, and as a network analyst, I rely on them for accurate insight when testing today’s complex networks. I’m excited by the new NetAlly brand, and know their team is dedicated to delivering innovative new features and technologies. The new data analysis and sharing features are a perfect example of that innovation. This helps engineers better manage, analyze and share the test data, validating networks faster and solving problems more quickly.”        

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