iBwave adds grid functionality to public safety network testing

Jan. 25, 2023
The latest release of the iBwave Mobile Survey platform and Epiq PRiSM scanner gives the public safety market a simple, reliable, affordable way to test, verify and document adherence to Public Safety Networks regulations.
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iBwave Solutions, a provider of software for wireless network design, on Jan. 18 announced the immediate availability of an updated version for its Public Safety survey solution platform, further advancing the network testing and verification capabilities offered by the existing iBwave Mobile Survey application and the company's environmentally robust, handheld Epiq PRiSM scanner.

According to the company, the new grid test capabilities combined with the existing iBwave Public safety desktop offering gives public safety engineers a complete means to test, verify, design and document public safety networks that meet the latest in U.S. standards and regulations.

As noted by a press release, "Just as the performance of public safety networks is critical for first responders on the scene of any emergency, it is equally crucial that the survey and design assets used to create these systems continue to keep pace with the dynamic regulations and standards environment in the U.S. and elsewhere."

With this thesis in mind, iBwave announced that it has now updated its public safety networks solution to include grid testing in addition to the existing survey, design and reporting functionalities in place to enable the deployment and maintenance of public safety networks in adherence with IFC and NFPA regulations.

According to the company, the latest version of the iBwave Public Safety Solution, which includes the iBwave Mobile survey with the Epiq PRiSM scanner integration and the company's Public Safety network design desktop software includes:

  • Seamless integration with the easy-to-use, affordable and lightweight Epiq PRiSM Scanner for use in public safety P25 surveys and grid testing.
  • The new ‘Grid Test’ Module in the iBwave Mobile survey app for testing, verifying and generating grid test pass/fail reports for submission to AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) in the U.S.
  • Existing Public Safety survey capabilities including data collection for P25 and LTE, as well as collection of site and construction details by capturing images and videos on-site.
  • A new “Uplink RSSI” output map for Public Safety network designs using Off Air base station (Off Air – Theoretical Path) with P25, TETRA, TEDS, and DMR technologies.

Jamie Birdnow, iBwave’s SVP of Commercial Operations, concluded:

“Public safety networks have unique performance and latency requirements that often exceed the parameters of typical wireless networks. The integration with Epiq PRiSM scanner in addition to the new Grid Test functionality in iBwave Mobile Survey gives network engineers the functionality they need to ensure that first responders have communications networks they can depend on in life-or-death situations. Now, more than ever, building owners and developers are required to ensure the public safety networks in their buildings meet regulations and standards of practice. Through the latest offerings from iBwave Solutions in partnership with Epiq Solutions, users can be confident in their ability to test, verify, design and document their networks and remain ahead of the curve in their P25 and LTE network operations - while still prioritizing access to these capabilities at a reasonable price point."

The new platform capabilities are now available.

To learn more, register to attend the iBwave webinar, “Simplifying Public Safety Surveys,” taking place on January 31 at 11 a.m. ET.

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