AEM Updates Testers, Software to Enhance User Capabilities

March 18, 2024
New capabilities include fault visualization, single-fiber test functionality, application-specific fiber test limits, and copper-cabling recertification capabilities.

Test-solution provider AEM recently enhanced its TestPro Cable Certifier, Network Service Assistant (NSA), and TestDataPro Results Management software to provide more capabilities and enhance user experience. The upgrades and enhancements are based on direct feedback from users of AEM’s solutions suite.

Among the new features and capabilities of TestPro and NSA are the following.

  • TestPro and NSA both feature a Return Loss Locator with an added Event Table and Event Map, which mirrors the familiar functionality of the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) test function. This enhancement enables users to visualize cabling and connector faults, which streamlines troubleshooting and remediation processes.
  • Single Fiber test functionality is a new functionality found in singlemode and multimode OTDR adapters. This updte allows users to save optical loss measurements on a single fiber using TestPro main and remote setup, which AEM points out enhances flexibility and efficiency in fiber testing.
  • Tier 1 fiber autotest is faster; a dual-ended test now takes approximately 3 seconds.
  • Application-specific test limits are new for fiber tests, making it possible to test fiber installation against intended communications standards such as 10GBASE-SR1.
  • The OTDR test now supports “live” mode, allowing users to troubleshoot fiber-installation issues on the fly.

AEM’s enhancements and updates to its TestDataPro results management software include an enriched user interface, expanded recertification functionality, and an analytics tool.

TestDataPro now offers extensive copper recertification capabilities, which allows users to recertify cables tested to incorrect limits without the need to re-test. “TestDataPro is the only tool in the market that allows recertification to higher performance standards, for example recertification to Category 6A for a test that was originally done using Category 6 limits,” the company said when introducing the new capabilities. “Furthermore, the software now incorporates analytics functionality, empowering users to analyze test results graphically, identify trends, and pinpoint anomalous results across various parameters such as NEXT [near-end crosstalk], IL [insertion loss], RL [return loss] for copper, or optical loss test margins.”

The results-management software now also includes improved company information tools, which allows users to personalize PDF test reports with logos and company information. Additionally, TestDataPro PC software is now available for download from the Microsoft Store in addition to being available for download directly from AEM.

Lisa Schwartz, AEM’s director of product marketing, commented the company holds “gratitude for user feedback,” while emphasizing AEM’s “commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.”

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