ATIS issues 'Call to Action' for U.S. 6G leadership

May 27, 2020
The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), a global technology and solutions development organization, advocates proactive collaboration across government, academia and industry.

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), a global technology and solutions development organization, on May 20 issued a "Call to Action" document sharing the group's vision for collaboration across government, academia and industry to promote U.S. leadership on the path to 6G technologies.

The document begins: "The journey to the next decade begins now. While the world is exploring opportunities that will light the path to 6G, the U.S. must take timely and critical action to ensure unquestioned leadership in 6G innovation and development. This is a 'Call to Action' from the leading companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry to join with government in a shared commitment that will put the U.S. at the forefront of technology leadership for the next decade."

In the document, ATIS explains that the timeline for 6G development has already begun, as today's investments in 5G networks, devices and applications already point toward the future opportunities for 6G.

Therefore, ATIS contends that the journey to the next decade must start now, with deliberate, collaborative steps and an aligned commitment between government and industry to ensure the U.S. maintains a competitive technology position in 5G networks today and 6G networks in the future.

"COVID-19 has brought unprecedented economic and public health challenges, and it has also shone a spotlight on the critical role of communications networks in our daily lives, as the connective fabric between people," commented Susan M. Miller, President and CEO, ATIS. "While innovation can be triggered in reaction to current market needs, technology leadership at a national level requires an early commitment and development that addresses U.S. needs as well as a common vision and set of objectives."

ATIS' Call to Action promotes a holistic approach, beginning with innovative research and development that addresses U.S. needs, a commitment to standardization, and full-scale commercialization. The Alliance predicts that the result will be "the introduction of 6G services and technologies that position the U.S. as the global leader for the next decade and beyond."

"While the realities of different geographies, populations, economies and government oversight will always influence global market demands, it is the leadership of ideas coupled with the commitment of the public, private and academic sectors that will deliver the power and benefits of U.S. technological leadership," said Mike Nawrocki, Vice President, Technology and Solutions, ATIS.

Nawrocki concluded, "Industry and government have started collaboration to create the 6G future, but this work must be amplified now to position the U.S. as the leader in telehealth, smart agriculture, distance learning, digitized commerce and artificial intelligence. A commitment across government, industry and academia will extend the benefits of 5G commercialization within the U.S. to a 6G world that delivers innovative services and customer experiences beyond network boundaries, physical environments and geographic constraints, and ultimately delivers the promise of 6G."

Read ATIS' full 6G "Call to Action" memorandum, which the organization shared with its members as well as government, academia, and telecommunications industry constituents.

Learn more about ATIS.

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