Ligado Networks raises over $100M to build mission-critical 5G IoT infrastructure

June 1, 2020
After several years of testing, the FCC last month approved Ligado’s more than four-year-old application to update its spectrum licenses to provide new 5G services.
Ligado Networks on May 28 announced more than $100 million in new investments for the company to begin taking the necessary steps to build 5G IoT networks that serve mission-critical industries such as public safety and emergency response, commercial transportation, energy, and manufacturing.

After several years of testing, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last month approved Ligado’s more than four-year-old application to update its spectrum licenses to provide new 5G services. The announced new investment provides capital specifically earmarked to operationalize Ligado’s vision.

The financing, which comes in the wake of recent, unanimous regulatory approval modifying Ligado’s spectrum licenses, is the first tranche of new investment in the company’s future, it says. The company says the funding demonstrates significant commitment from its investors "to help Ligado advance American competitiveness in the race to 5G, as well as spur economic recovery."

“With this new round of capital, we are better prepared than ever to do exactly what we’ve said -- get this mid-band spectrum deployed to support the next-generation wireless networks needed to bring America’s critical infrastructure and essential services into the 21st century,” commented Ligado's CEO Doug Smith. “The investments will create American jobs, expand innovation, and directly enhance critical industries such as first responders, health care workers and supply chain personnel that depend on ubiquitous and ultra-reliable networks to protect and secure American lives.”

The company says the new financing will support expansion of the wireless ecosystem, including chipset and device development and spectrum standardization. Besides supporting critical entities like public safety and emergency response, Ligado’s notes that its services can also serve customers in the transportation, agriculture, energy, and supply chain sectors.

“At a time of unprecedented uncertainty at home and abroad, we stand ready to help boost America’s economic progress, job creation and national security by providing critical support to the companies and workers that this country can’t live without – which is important now more than ever,” Ligado's Smith added.

As the company moves into this new phase of development, Ligado says it is also taking steps to enhance its current services and introduce new offerings to current customers. These include facilitating Internet of Things (IoT) device operations across both satellite and terrestrial networks, and providing spectrum partnerships to mobile operators, supporting the wireless networks that millions of Americans use every day. Learn more at

In a story posted by SpaceNews on April 20, Sandra Erwin describes how the FCC's approval of the Ligado 5G network drew criticism from the U.S. Department of Defense, but praise from the U.S. State Department, and how FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said Ligado's network must not interfere with GPS or other incumbent users of the L-band spectrum. The following video from Youtube's "NewsBOT Science" feed cites as a source and encapsulates the Apr. 20 SpaceNews article.  

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