Fujitsu builds smart city 5G, IoT infrastructure in Dublin, Ohio

July 21, 2020
New private network and edge computing platform are part of an IoT pilot application.

Fujitsu Network Communications announced that it has completed deployment of a CBRS-enabled smart parking pilot application for citizens of Dublin, Ohio.

The pilot deployment is the first phase of a software-defined, 5G-ready digital transformation platform which includes four primary components: multi-layer software orchestration and control; physical and edge compute network equipment; IoT applications and devices; and complete lifecycle support services.

These building blocks can be combined to meet any private or public 5G network need and enable any digital transformation use case across multiple industries, contends Fujitsu.

The trial, which is part of the broader Connected Dublin initiative, aims to improve local business success and lower carbon emissions by measuring and analyzing parking patterns and making those insights visible to community leaders and residents.

“The smart parking application will provide real-time parking lot occupancy to residents and visitors, allowing better customer access to local businesses, and lower drive times,” said Doug McCollough, chief information officer at the City of Dublin, Ohio. “Through technology and infrastructure delivered by Fujitsu, we are exploring new ways to keep our citizens connected.”

During the pilot, the city says discovered an additional, unexpected benefit of the Smart Parking application -- they can measure the impacts of quarantine guidelines due to COVID-19. The data, including number of cars and duration of visits, has been invaluable to local government and businesses alike.

“Through our smart cities consulting, integration and deployment expertise, Fujitsu is helping the city of Dublin realize the transformational benefits of IoT,” commented Greg Manganello, head of the wireless and services business unit at Fujitsu Network Communications. “We are committed to co-creating solutions that promote economic development and quality of life for cities across the country.”

Notably, the pilot is also a 2020 TM Forum Catalyst project, part of a collaborative program by Fujitsu focused on co-creating innovative solutions to important industry challenges.

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