Casa Systems intros high-power 5G mmWave CPE

Sept. 10, 2020
Casa's new AurusAI CPE combines a stylish, compact design with intelligent, steerable antennas and Gigabit speeds for wireless consumer broadband.

Casa Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CASA), a provider of cloud-native, virtual and physical infrastructure technology solutions for mobile, cable and fixed telco networks, has announced its AurusAI (Aurus Autonomous Intelligence), billed as the industry’s first high-power 5G mmWave customer premise equipment (CPE).

Building on Casa’s history of fixed wireless access technology innovation, the company says the new devices "are key for delivering broadband services wirelessly to homes and apartments nearly anywhere – from remote and rural locations to suburbs and dense, urban areas." Already in multiple trials with global Tier 1 service providers, the initial AurusAI outdoor devices are the first in a portfolio of 5G mmWave CPE that will include a range of outdoor and indoor options. 

Per a company statement: 

Fixed wireless access has traditionally required a large antenna and significant time for installation and device alignment by specialized technicians. This made it more expensive, and limited its use to niche applications in remote or rural locations with no other communications access alternatives. With the ability to cost-effectively deliver Gigabit speeds in more than just remote locations, 5G mmWave services unlock a disruptive, new broadband alternative for service providers. This enables them to complement and extend their existing broadband networks or even offer an entirely new competitive product in areas in which they previously did not have a fixed broadband presence. In fact, the GSMA estimates that 5G mmWave service will drive an increase of $565 billion in global GDP – 25% of 5G’s overall expected GDP impact – by 2034.  

“We have been a technology pioneer and market leader in fixed wireless access for more than a decade, supporting some of the largest fixed wireless deployments with major service providers worldwide,” comments Steve Collins, SVP of Access Devices for Casa Systems.  

Collins adds, “Now more than ever, new technologies are needed to bridge the digital divide and cost-effectively expand access to broadband services for more people. Our AurusAI devices combine our multi-year fixed wireless access expertise with input from our customers on what is needed to take 5G mmWave services to a mass market.” 

Casa Systems says it has developed the AurusAI based on the needs of consumers and the requirements of service providers to prepare for widespread adoption of 5G mmWave services, including: 

Gigabit performance – Delivering up to Gigabit speeds, the AurusAI delivers the broadband service demanded by today’s consumers for streaming entertainment, gaming, working remotely, online education and more.
Stylish design – A sleek, stylish industrial design in a compact, cylinder shape that can be unobtrusively attached to a variety of locations and blend in with the home. This solution is a significant advancement over competitive offerings that are larger and more prominent on the side of a house or apartment building.
Intelligent, steerable antennas – The AurusAI comes with unique intelligent, steerable, active beam-forming antennas that automatically scan 360 degrees each day to identify the strongest signal in the area and lock onto that to optimize performance. This solution adds value by dynamically adjusting for environmental or seasonal effects on the carrier signal. In addition, the steering future-proofs the installation as service providers build out their 5G networks by automatically adjusting to the strongest signal location and direction, which may change multiple times over the years.
Lower total cost of ownership – Using innovative tools, like an installation app to provide a site survey to accelerate the deployment, Casa’s AurusAI can be deployed in half the time of previous fixed wireless access CPE and does not require a specialized wireless radio engineer or technician. In addition, its multi-year lifespan and innovative antenna design reduces the need for truck rolls to make adjustments or replace equipment as the network changes.

With its 5G cloud-native core, edge and access solutions, Casa reports it is now seeing significant traction with major wireless operators and industry partners. Notably, the company recently announced the successful completion of the world’s farthest-ever 5G data call of 3.8 kilometers (2.3 miles) over mmWave with Qualcomm and Ericsson, as well as a 5G network slicing demo with Orange and HPE.

“5G is completely changing how networks are designed and built. As a result, service providers are looking beyond solutions from legacy vendors to best of breed innovations at every segment of their network, from the customer premise through to the virtualized, cloud-native 5G core,” says Jerry Guo, CEO of Casa Systems.

Guo adds, “As the largest fixed wireless access vendor globally, the AurusAI accelerates our 5G momentum and continues Casa’s tradition of engineering excellence that delivers industry-first technologies that define new markets and services and drive revenue growth.”

More information about Casa’s 5G mmWave access solutions, including the technical, operational and environmental specifications for the AurusAI outdoor models, is available at

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