PolyPhaser adds new RF cable assemblies and accessories

March 18, 2021
An assortment of cable assemblies, connector caps, and cables with integrated surge protection help technicians complete installations.
Poly Phaser Rf

PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand and a provider of RF and data surge protection, filtering and grounding technology, has announced an expansion of its globally deployed RF product line to now include RF cable assemblies, connector caps, and cables with integrated inline surge protection.

The company says its customers now have a single source for comprehensive RF protection products, including necessary accessories, to simplify projects and eliminate delays.

PolyPhaser's RF cable assemblies cover all key connector types, including N, SMA, UHF, TNC, and 7/16" options. Featuring tested, outdoor-rated, flexible coax, fabricated in the USA, the assemblies are available in multiple low loss coax options across standard lengths, as well as for for custom designs and configurations.

For reduced overall part numbers required, as well as overall cost, the company's RF cable assemblies with inline surge protection are constructed with low-loss RF coax cabling and include non-shorting, protective F, N, SMA, TNC connector options, with DC Pass SPD capability integrated into the connector.

Finally, PolyPhaser's RF connector caps are simple components that protect open connectors/interfaces from potential damage. Caps for all standard connector types are available.

“Our core mission is to meet the urgent requirements of engineers, whether they’re working in a test lab, a network deployment, or elsewhere,” said Steve Ellis, product line manager for PolyPhaser. “With these new cables and accessories, PolyPhaser can help users complete their installations, with same-day product shipment instead of typical week-plus lead times.”

The PolyPhaser RF products are now in stock for same-day shipping.

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