Fiber-optic connectors stand up to extreme environments

July 28, 2023
R&M’s LC duplex MPO, and SC connectors can be used in industrial, cellular, and outdoor applications.

R&M launched the HEC (Harsh Environment Connector) developed to perform in extreme environments including the outdoors. “HEC was developed for the fiber-optic connection of 5G and mobile communication antennas,” the company said. “In addition to fiber-to-the-antenna, R&M sees potential fields of application wherever fiber-optic transmission is installed in harsh environments,” it added. “This includes aerial deployment for broadband supply in rural areas.

“The new outdoor connector housing can be used to connect fiber-optic cables in railway, wind power an industrial facilities, chemical plants and ports, on oil platforms, in mining and in the event sector.”

LC duplex, MPO, or SC fiber-optic connector interfaces can be contained within the HEC housing.

The HEC is available in two versions: HEC-BR (Bayonet Release) with a 32-mm diameter, and HEC-QR (Quick Release) with a 19-mm diameter. Through testing, the HEC has been found to meet the requirements of protection class IP68, Telcordia GR 3120, IEC 61753-1, and MIL-STD-883.

“This means the housing remains waterproof for at least 7 days at a depth of 3 meters,” R&M explained. “It can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius, and high mechanical loads such as a tensile load of 450 N.”

The quarter-turn bayonet fastener is compliant with IEC 60603-7 variant 01; it decouples the connector and the inner housing. The QuickRelease connector features a push-twist-pull fastener, which R&M says allows high-density packaging without compromising performance.

“The decoupled housing of the HEC-BR and HEC-QR minimize the influence of temperature fluctuations, cable shrinkage, and mechanical loads,” R&M pointed out. “The blind mating assembly technology makes it possible to couple the HEC with one hand, wearing gloves, in low visibility.”

The components that enable blind mating also protect the ferrules in the mounted connectors if the HEC is not plugged in or closed with a protective cap.

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