FCC action will boost mobile infrastructure, small cell, DAS market

Jan. 28, 2013
Mobile/wireless network infrastructure market may reap benefits from a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) action designed to hasten the deployment of broadband services.

RCR Wirelesshas reported that the mobile/wireless network infrastructure market appears set to reap benefits from a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiative to hasten the deployment of broadband services. RCR's Dan Meyer reports that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced that the government will take new action as part of its Broadband Acceleration Initiative designed to remove barriers to the deployment of mobile broadband infrastructure, including “towers, distributed antenna systems and small cells.”

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The new federal action reportedly includes defining and clarifying a technical provision in the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 “regarding local review of requests to modify an existing wireless tower or base station” that the FCC said will “accelerate deployment and delivery of high-speed mobile broadband to communities across the nation,” according to RCR's Meyer.

The report further says that the FCC has also launched a proceeding to ease the temporary deployment of cell on wheels (COWs) and cells on light trucks (COLTs) during special events, a move comes just ahead of next weekend’s Super Bowl in New Orleans. Small cells and DAS are also expected to benefit from plans to further streamline the regulatory processes in place government the deployment of such technology; as well as plans to re-examine the current legislation surrounding the development of “model facility siting rules for localities.”

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